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Gerald Massey photos, Gerald Massey Photographer.
First I’d like to welcome everyone to my site and galleries. I will be sharing with you lots of pictures of “People, Place and Things” I have seen, done and visited down through the years. I like photography very much. I have done it mostly from the standpoint of just memory pictures for most of my life. However, for about ten years now I have went to the next level and have some pretty good pictures now. As I have browsed through the other photographers on Smumug I might need to say that I don’t fit in with most of them, yet I have some great pictures that are the caliber of what I take. I haven’t received in big formal schooling and don’t have lots of equipment. However, the equipment I have serves me well.

Think maybe my photos and my personality goes together well, as I am a very simple person and man and go for the good simple pictures. As with my favorite subject of churches I much prefer the old simple wooden country churches much more over the elaborate big city ones. Photography is a gamble for me. When I got out to take pictures preferably the byways, back country roads searching out the country churches I never know what I will see or who I might. That sort of works in with an other side of my personality of Adventure and Explorer. Hope, you folks that are visiting do great with your interests even though they aren’t mine. That is a big problem with me sticking to the area, I am in and the subjects I am interested in.

Got some more info here, that is if you are interested.

On this card, business type card, I have this info on there that pretty well fits me for now - Retired -Photographer-Entrepreneur-Traveler-Storyteller-Historian. This pretty well fits me and am most pursuant of all of these and pretty good at each one. One thing for sure and everyone that knows me says its true, I am a big talker. Now, to the details.

I am a life long resident of Shreveport, Louisiana, born there. Grew up near Blanchard, Louisiana, grade school at Blanchard, graduated Fair Park High School in 1954. In my very early years worked for a United Gas mostly traveling around in a survey crew for several years. Done this in the “Gulf South” area of Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi and some in Alabama. I then was a construction inspector for the same, ran construction warehouses for the same. Done this mostly in Louisiana traveling all over. In 1959 was drafted into the United States Army at age 23. Spent two years active duty. Served as a Military Policeman at Fort Knox, Kentucky. Afterwards returned to United Gas serving as before. Married in 1965 for 17-years that ended in divorce in 1984.. Done some traveling during this time within Louisiana. In the meantime became employed with the Kansas City Southern Railroad at Shreveport, Louisiana. Served in their “track Department” as: Track Laborer, Section Foreman, and for 25-years as Grounds Keeper. Traveled with them quite extensively though out Louisiana, Arkansas, Texas, Oklahoma and Missouri, and also Mississippi.

In retirement for three years now, I belong to and go the local YMCA almost daily. Belong to a seniors men exercise group, “The Gray Panthers” which is great group even though it is small. I get more out of that group three times a week than besides just exercise. Been traveling a lot, all stateside. As there is so much to see here in the good ole USA, mostly in Texas there doesn’t seem to be any reason to go else where. Got so many places I want to go here just don’t have time for other places. Have been taking tons of pictures in all these travels.

This could be important and maybe not to you readers. Been taking pictures for over 50-years now. Started out in about 1956 with a Kodak Brownie Holiday I bought in Rock City, Tennessee with two rolls of film for five dollars. Have had several different cameras down through the years. The kind we know in this new age as Point-and-Shoot cameras. Got a good Nikon 6006 SLR film camera about ten years ago. Got my first digital camera in 2001, a Sony Mavica Floppy Disc camera. Something to just tool around with. About five years ago I got into real good picture taking when I go a good Nikkon D50. As usual with all things I kept wanting better so, in May 2009 I do a supper camera that I love which is a Nikkon D90, with that good D-lighting feature and the movie mode which does very good. However, the main feature on the D90 I its GPS capabilities. I have the Nikkon GP-1 GPS Adapter which I really a GPS antenna. This puts the GPS readings. Latitude and Longitude, into the picture image. I really love this as I have used a handheld GPS receiver for years for these readings on lots of my pictures. You have to have the Nikkon software, which comes with the D90 to access these readings.

Well, guess this is enough for now unless you want more that can be obtained via e-mail.

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